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by shootitome2 6/20/2019
Best lubes for urethral sounding?

by DETSwitch 6/19/2019
Can't wait for AFF 18-39 year old to launch!

by Friend4Benefits2 6/19/2019
Issues With AFF Messenger

by MidnightBlue645 6/19/2019
Drugs and sex: When do we legalize Marijuana in PA?

by Next2us 6/19/2019
Dominican Republic

by Otis_Good 6/18/2019
Location, Location, Location

by DolAmroth01 6/18/2019

by ZTREYAA 6/17/2019
Romantic Weekend

by sussi1028 6/17/2019

by up4goodtimennm 6/17/2019
what do the letters rm mean

by 1funguydoes2 6/17/2019
To recap on hotbibabe's post: ...."Do you expect sex on first date..."..

by Heathen_G 6/16/2019

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