An exploration
Words of sensual seeking, of pleasure giving, of kisses, of love found, or lost, or captured, or shared.

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An exploration - an introduction
Posted:Jan 23, 2014 5:13 am
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2017 3:39 am

I believe
within us all sensuality lurks
awaiting the right touch or kiss
a rising pulse of light and heat
a shared repast of loving bliss
within us all waiting.

First kisses are fresh and sweet, but once the taste is taught, how keenly in experienced lovers builds the heat, tumbling together anew in passion caught.

If you enjoy the blog entry, or poem, which brought you here, feel free to go back through the blog and read and comment on more...when the reader reads for the first time is when the written language comes alive for the first time from their perspective....from your perspective, writing given life,...fresh, new and raw.

So welcome to this blog - An exploration, please read, interact, and

comment, comment often, comment sweet, comment to make your visit complete.

Always searching for new shades and forms of the muse, so if you have an idea, feel free to leave a comment or reflection.
None of Us Are
Posted:Dec 11, 2017 4:11 am
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2017 4:45 am

None of Us Are
I am easing into you
Into this warmth and sleep
against you I place myself
conjuring an embrace
tasting the edge of your shoulders
kissing lightly edge of neck
as my hands as summer rain drift
across the entirety of you
tactile fingers sensually reaching out
stroking across and making whole
the broken bits you knew
those stories your smile hid
for none of us are completely whole
have scars and lines and cracks
great chunks gouged from heart
the first love the second
some we never even requited
tearing lumps from within
leaving horrors beneath the skin
which sometimes look out
make us want to stop and heal
accept the succor of kisses raw
which pull the knots of pain undone
allow us once more to stretch
to dream and leap and fly
christened and born anew in heat of Sun.

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and alive
Posted:Dec 10, 2017 8:07 pm
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2017 4:17 am

and alive
Blind my mind with kisses
Let these kisses be chaff across my thoughts
swooping as seagulls upon Sea breeze
let your kisses alight on me
let your caresses sensual tear
a hole in my concentration
distract me till I partake
of the love we would make
spin and turn and whirl me
bring flashes of light to see
a tsunami roar orgasmic release
allow us both to feel blessed
in kiss caress and fuck
let romance wait while lust rule
in kisses caresses and all of you
ignite spirit of desire deep to leap
across this divide between we two
and in those flames let us writhe
touched and held and alive.

Know Us
Posted:Dec 10, 2017 4:35 pm
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2017 4:40 am

Know Us
Let them think they know us
not drinking enough and leaving early
let them think they know us
conversing about the weather and family
let them think they know us
stable jobs and no facebook history
and when we walk out my hands leave yours
upon your curved waist in knowing place
and you lean across and give a kiss
all of tongue and lips and strength
a kiss to melt off sea hardened marine paint
and at the car we pause and against door rock
ignoring fact have keys out to open lock
my hips to your hips grinding close and hard
between us could not fit a playing card
and I tug open your skirt buttons
and you have undone my fly
and breathless waking from the moment
we stumble into the car
for a second lost to have to part
knowing in car we can start
the keys are still not used
as your nails my chest and thighs abuse
raking long scratching passion lines
kisses thirsty taste of lust's intoxicating wines
could let your car seat slide back here
open your blouse and pull aside your hair
steam up the windows on the car
not journey anywhere except too far
and my fingers are stirring your molten pot
and on my shoulder bite and say don't stop
this could be considered public indecency
if anyone took time to stop and watch and see
would see your naked breast beneath my mouth
your hand stroking my hardness already headed south
and my fingers getting moist with desire's lacquer
you and I and heat and lust the only factor
as your cool hand gloves my cock
the car upon its springs begins to rock
and your hips are thrusting on my hand
feel my cock begin to swell and expand
so my thumb down upon your clitoris press
let us together equally make a mess
my fingers deep feel you spasm all around
and uncontrolled I spend seed upon the ground
panting flushed and hungry still
in no shape or form have we had our fill
I start the engine to take us home
to fuck and rut as your hands my body roam.

Work Trips
Posted:Dec 8, 2017 6:05 pm
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2017 7:41 am

Work Trips
We sit and gaze upon each other
have no eyes for another
your lips are full and red
your hair still mussed from bed
and you have to wonder
or at least seriously ponder
who else here has as us
turned a workday negative into a plus
traveling far in pursuit of work
discovering this great travel lurk
we can share a meal and time
together we commit no crime
and later need only room
where we can preen and groom
I look at those faces around
have they also lovers found
the smiling couple on far side
what do those smiles hide
I cannot see his hand on her waist
is it searching ambrosia for a taste
and the waiters who serve
brush each more than space deserve
both are red faced and out of breath
perhaps on break find petite death
and your leg lies against my own
and my inspiration has further grown
when I walk it will be with a limp
and my underwear will crimp
pulled out in unusual ways
seems so often so these days
when you are around my thoughts eape
to a small cottage on a deserted cape
how cold it was and how warm we were
I am sure you would strongly concur
the best way we found to keep hot
and only when sated did we stop
the cottage windows we open wide
despite the cold the aroma would not hide
seemed our musk was all overpowering
and then together we tried showering
such distraction to seek to be clean
rubbing against you limbs lean
and those kisses which you sought
we were in there till by cold water caught
a different scream then we did emit
and the shower stall crowded promptly quit
those fluffy towels white and soft
the sensual touching would not stop
again we forgot what we were doing
instead returned to amorous cooing
through rest of day holding tight
until we discovered it was the night
cared us not for world outside
as glorious in our beauty between sheets slide
for the other's love was all we cared
these moments branded memories shared
and now on every work trip we can
share our time and love expand
fills the miles we diligently travel far
in plane by train or snug in car
your kisses wake me to work day
and our loving makes of work play.

To The Stars
Posted:Dec 8, 2017 4:23 am
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2017 4:44 pm

To The Stars
We are going to the stars
water levels rising and weather chaotic
looks like we need to find a fixer-upper
because the bill is coming due for this place
and we are not getting the bond back
so the billionaires are planning
rockets massive to the stars
Mars looks good this year
just nuke the poles and change the atmosphere
still be a better place than we are leaving here
of course we have to wonder
who will be on this rocket ark
which from Earth will to Mars arc
just space for the rich and their pets
or will they take some normal folk to work
give them survival in exchange for slavery
I know you say how cynical of me
yet sometimes the cynics future see
and looking back read the tea leaves
of history when catastrophe struck
humanity survived due to dumb luck
and one group exploiting another
do you want to climb abroad the rocket
or join the Neanderthals brother?

Smoke in Our Veins
Posted:Dec 7, 2017 10:26 pm
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2017 4:44 pm

Smoke in Our Veins
Lassitude of the smoke in our veins
music a shower of golden honey on ears
we are adrift in this vast room
lying upon a snowy carpeted floor
your kisses last for aeons
your caresses open me deep
we are last survivors of love
linked by the breath we share
when you disrobe I am awestruck
you gleam as if lit within by Sun
when you speak it is sacred psalms
another kiss and love is sealed
slowly we move forward up a road
caresses strokes and touches sensual
as if dropping a pebble into a small pond
the ripples outward reach all edges
so your touches loving spread in me
and when I taste ripe fruit of breast
you curl as a great wave crashing
let out a long cri de coeur which I know
Eve made when Adam loved her
those many generations past
as we spiraling slowly on own rainbow
these lines of light binding and melding
we are each others breath and blessing
I saw you walk beside me in my dreams
these kisses anchors embracing my soul
as on sea of life raised and tossed
and sensual tongues seek out
seems a thousand brushing touches
all at once and deep into core
of our being as topple over
peak of orgasm we thought we knew
instead shaken and reborn in pleasure
we fall breathing heavily into harbour
of your strong arms and mine.
images so fleeting
Posted:Dec 7, 2017 4:19 pm
Last Updated:Dec 8, 2017 3:16 am

images so fleeting
In my imagination flickering
comes images so fleeting
almost shadows of light
a true lumiere presentation
a line of velvet inner thigh
a head tossed back in joy
how a set of lips may purse
the sounds and moisture
of orgasm shaking
the feel of hand on buttock curve
the heat which s
the sensation of earlobe on lips
how your dress falls
across your lap as you sit
alongside me in the car
my hand tracing up your knee and higher
sensing the growing fire
you biting your lips
and in your glance a dare
how far would you go here
the tension of underwear elastic
as fingers prying stretch it
slipping beneath and over light stubble
to the sensual valley found
and fingers trailing ignite
more fireworks than fireworks night
and your thighs gripping around my wrist
as you on your seat twist
and your hand reaching out
as you endeavour to see
how long I can concentrate on driving
when you have set your mind
to being a delightful distraction.

Dark Side of the Moon
Posted:Dec 7, 2017 1:48 am
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2017 4:08 pm

Dark Side of the Moon
When you turn away from
I find myself on Dark Side of the Moon
so cold in this pitiless place
cast adrift in vacuum of outer space
I often think you don't even notice
when you turn Sun away from me
take the warmth and the meaning
for waking and getting out of bed
for trying to understand what is in my head
you turn away and I am distraught
Upon the Dark Side of the Moon caught
no space-craft to assist me to return
and if I did in atmosphere would burn
you see the strength and cannot comprehend
how easy a loving heart you can offend
the long journey to achieve orbit of you
this planet horizon I so desired to view
your smile a sweeping Milky Way of possibility
these last few parsecs seem an impossibility
when you turn away and leave me dark
upon the Dark Side of the Moon parked
hovering in perpetual eclipse
turned away from Love's bliss
until you revolve once more
and you return by natural law
I am hoping is by laws of attraction
not just an endeavor to find distraction
for every star no matter how dark
every star in every world has a heart.

Posted:Dec 6, 2017 9:08 pm
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2017 1:18 am

Sometimes when we fall back to Earth
hearts still pounding and out of breath
there is a moment of startling clarity
an event of unmatched singularity
where seems I can feel all my life
what is gone and what is still to be
lying there alongside you by me
there is a perfection I can view
a sacred spirit in beauty of you
goes beyond the layers of skin
how we age or where we did begin
a sense of total profound unity
more than a sense of sexual community
we were as one as we peaked
and such emotion I cannot speak
this is instinct ruling over intellect
those truest senses we oft neglect
of how we feel around another
discovering our soulmate other
for all the derision such terms bring
lying there I hear my heart in unison sing
with yours in yesterday this present and future yet to be
our paths forever linked together you and me.

What Makes You
Posted:Dec 6, 2017 2:00 pm
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2017 1:23 am

What Makes You
We are all slightly coy and screamish
but don't you think it would be dreamish
if we would sit down with that other
before we get a sweat up and have another
orgasm which flexes body and toes
and explain exactly how it goes
remove from this body a sense of mystery
seek out understanding to make history
not expect a clairvoyant in your bed
instead press some facts into that head
slowly take them through how your body works
what makes you moan or orgasmic squirts
where to kiss or lick and how hard to suck
if you want it rough or quick or a gentle fuck
explain and demonstrate how to touch
and if all this sensual overload is to much
then perhaps you two should on the other demonstrate
caress and stroke and kiss or mutually masturbate
give cheers for when partner finds a point of fire
at which you shudder overcome with fierce desire
this side of neck not too hard and too gentle
until the touching loving drives you mental
then seek release in each others arms
having learnt about each others charm
and best of all when this lesson is done
in truth the learning has just begun
for tomorrow different I may think and feel
my toe course of moods also make this loving real
so each day forward brave we must be
to explain and learn as you are loving me.

How to Kiss
Posted:Dec 6, 2017 6:35 am
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2017 1:49 pm

How to Kiss
How to kiss has never changed
I tell myself on these long nights
when I try and recall how to kiss
the sensation of lips to lips
of meeting for first and most recent
those times when experience leads
suck lightly on the lower lip
no more tongue than required
and that tingling from head to toe
is all fine means things are good
and don't rush past a kiss too fast
a good kiss can prepare the whole event
open blouses and remove bras
a good kiss can take you far
and in kissing without groping
feel the heat of embrace you are in
where body meets body you can sense
and where skin meets skin you grow tense
as kiss is heating up the kissed with desire
and now you think you may perspire
flushed and red and so damned eager
control yourself there is no competitor
your kiss still holds her interest close
lip to lip and mouth to mouth
is a rousing erotic speech without words
and how it warms your cockles and her curves
the art of kissing is just the same
is serious and considered and yet is a game
you must follow look listen lead and hear
all these things make the actions of the kiss clear
does she sigh and grab breath through nostrils
too entranced to break the kiss to breath
take it easy and give her a break
perhaps dive and of her warm throat partake
give an electric kiss supping on sensual skin
build up a charge which you release and in
make her think this is how kisses should be
seen and acted upon and diligent and free.
In Tune
Posted:Dec 6, 2017 5:39 am
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2017 5:55 am

In Tune
the evening has grown chill
and you allow the embrace as you will
turn your head up to catch these adoring lips
and as you kiss into mouth invited tongue slips

the people here are strangers about their chores
know nothing of your scars and relationship wars
some were good and for you so bad
some were bad and leaving them you were not sad
and some held the middle ground between hope and desire
their presence did your continued search inspire
as if you were a tuning fork exploring
for a perfect note and harmony calling
so you rang and rung and banged and begun
relationships to test out your hope under the Sun
and sometimes far you would travel to succeed
and then turn out they were not what you did need

a hand has reached beneath your coat and under skirt
this one makes you hot and loves to flirt
always seems foreplay is in a single glance
and whatever expected will end with a horizontal dance

and so you tested notes and tunes of all you met
and some were good but already placed and set
while others had a note which did not match your own
if they were more mature perhaps you would not be alone
for it seemed the tune you sought was also by time set
it had to be right place and right tune and timely met
or else they were not in tune with you
and for so long seemed none were you could view

those fingers clever upon underwear lightly stroking
and can feel his interest is erect and poking
a dexterous finger slips inside and moisture find
you move your hips to against his hand lightly grind

then this man you met seemed to be sum of things
in his presence your wiser heart sings
you did not rush to evaluate his worth
listened for passion and anticipation and great mirth
for how dull would life people without laughter
would be a world of drudgery no happy ever after
and he joked and smiled and sought to seduce
and gradually the reasons not did significantly reduce
a kiss here and longer stares and holding close
you knew this one was in tune more than most

a thumb is angled with some skill
as against a wall hidden pleasure until
that thumb so placed closes over clit
and as in battleships is a most direct hit
you tug him closer as you shudder through
an orgasm the like of which you never knew

you have learned so much and of you taught him well
and now know this is the one with whom you will dwell
so in tune find each other that when he turns your heart sings
and you note you are thinking what is his taste in expensive rings.


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