images so fleeting  

MulleenofMelb 52M
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12/7/2017 4:19 pm
images so fleeting

images so fleeting
In my imagination flickering
comes images so fleeting
almost shadows of light
a true lumiere presentation
a line of velvet inner thigh
a head tossed back in joy
how a set of lips may purse
the sounds and moisture
of orgasm shaking
the feel of hand on buttock curve
the heat which s
the sensation of earlobe on lips
how your dress falls
across your lap as you sit
alongside me in the car
my hand tracing up your knee and higher
sensing the growing fire
you biting your lips
and in your glance a dare
how far would you go here
the tension of underwear elastic
as fingers prying stretch it
slipping beneath and over light stubble
to the sensual valley found
and fingers trailing ignite
more fireworks than fireworks night
and your thighs gripping around my wrist
as you on your seat twist
and your hand reaching out
as you endeavour to see
how long I can concentrate on driving
when you have set your mind
to being a delightful distraction.

Thoughts in sensual pleasure to erotic writing writ.

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author51 54F  
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12/8/2017 1:07 am

Did this very thing a few times with past relationships but yes I had to keep reminding him to keep his eyes on the road...Can be dangerous if you are in heavy traffic going 100 miles an

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

MulleenofMelb replies on 12/8/2017 3:11 am:
yes...definitely....I always find in such situations, if they were ever to happen of course, the actual problem is the heavy traffic, not the heavy petting

yesmamallthetime 50F  
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12/8/2017 12:01 am

There you go again...driving while striving for action of another nature. Here in the US that is called distracted driving.

Stimulate my mind with words of poetry. And my body will follow it's lead...

MulleenofMelb replies on 12/8/2017 3:12 am:
surely it is attracted driving, not distracted...I mean unattracted driving would be just....driving....

Tmptrzz 55F  
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12/7/2017 4:41 pm

Be careful and don't crash.. Very nice words loved it..


MulleenofMelb replies on 12/7/2017 6:48 pm:
amazing how the faster one is breathing the slower the car ends up moving....for safety's sake..

MulleenofMelb 52M
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12/7/2017 4:20 pm

sometimes the conversation, the reflection, is more an essence of thought, a spasm of a moment across the brain, gone before we can properly hold it, leaving behind a perfumed trail of erotic sensation....

Thoughts in sensual pleasure to erotic writing writ.

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